Senate Bill 1266

Here is information from FARE, a national food
allergy advocacy group. The notice is intended to inform  families with
food allergies of Senate Bill 1266 which allows for injectable epinephrine to
be routinely stocked in schools.

The legislation being considered, SB 1266, would require California schools to
maintain a supply of epinephrine that would be available to administer to any
student having an anaphylactic reaction. Similar laws passed in more than 30
states allowing thousands of schools across the country to stock this
medication in preparation for emergency situations. Lives have already been
saved by these laws in other states.

If you haven’t already, please contact members of the committee and ask them to
support this important bill. . If you visit the FARE Action Center and click on the California Alert, you can send a message
directly to your state senator and committee members. If you are not already a
member of FARE’s Advocates Network, please register first. Please do this at
your earliest convenience to enhance the chances of this bill’s passage.

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