Pollen Counts for June 24th, 2018

Grasses: High

Trees: Moderate (Mostly Oak)

Weeds: High

Molds: Low


Pollen Counts for May 29, 2018

Grasses:   High

Trees:       High   (Mostly Oak)

Weeds:     High   (Mostly Chamise)

Molds:      Moderate

Pollen count for May 21, 2018

Grasses: High

Trees:     High (Mostly Oak, Pine, and Mulberry)

Weeds:   High (Mostly Chamise)

Molds:    Low

Pollen Count for May 14, 2018

Grasses:     High

Trees:         High (Mostly Oak, Pine, Sycamore)

Weeds:       High (Mostly Plantain, Chamise)

Molds:        Low

Stanford team tests sleep monitoring for asthma patients

Our provider Dr. Michelle Huffaker was part of the Stanford team that participated in the study below.

Stanford team tests sleep monitoring for asthma patients

Unitek Job Fair

Nurse Manager and Lead Nurses at Unitek Job Fair Wednesday May 16th 2018


Pollen Counts for April 24th, 2018

Grasses:  High

Trees:       High (Mostly Oak and Sycamore)

Weeds:     O

Molds:      Moderate

Pollen Counts for April 18, 2018

Grasses: O

Trees:     High (Mostly Oak)

Weeds:   O

Molds:    Low

Pollen Counts for April 10, 2018

Trees:       High (Mostly Oak)

Grasses:  Low

Weeds:    Low

Molds:     Moderate

Pollen Counts for April 4, 2018

Grasses: High

Trees:      High (Mostly Oak, Mulberry, and Sycamore)

Weeds:    Low

Molds:     Low